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04/01/2011 10:02


Zhongguancun online

 software group news: the theme of "cloud security applications with the future." the second rising security technology conference, in December 2009, 15, was held in Beijing, as the consumer software portal media - ZOL software information channel will also bring you the whole live. Many people like Microsoft Office.

During the conference, including rising corporate vice President LuQing lady, former deputy minister of information industry LvXinKui sir, national computer network and information Office 2007 makes life great!

security management center director and secretary of the party committee HuangChengQing sir will be published wonderful speech, academician of Chinese academy of engineering ShenChangXiang, rising company customer service center ZhongWei, baidu, deputy general manager of ShenHaoYu, vice President of business operations, the company senior anti-virus engineer TangWei, sohu company chief technical officer WangXiaoChuan, rising company general Office 2007 download is helpful!

manager WangJianFeng customer service center will also through such guest lecture, and participants Shared "cloud security" technology in the future of the current application, the trends and prospects.

Meanwhile, in the conference process, two games BBS, will also share technology respectively by "technology lead innovation", "open cloud security" as the theme, invited guests scene lecture and Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.      

sharing with attendees.

The attendees introduced (center) :

Rising corporate vice President LuQing lady

The original information industry vice minister LvXinKui sir

National computer network and information security management center director

And secretary of the party committee HuangChengQing sir

Rising company customer service center ZhongWei, deputy general manager Mr

Baidu vice President Mr. ShenHaoYu commercial operation

Rising company senior anti-virus engineer TangWei sir Windows 7 make life wonderful!

WangXiaoChuan sohu company chief technical officer, Mr

Rising company general manager Mr. WangJianFeng customer service center

The attendees introduced (venue) :

(a) security cooperation techniques BBS share points

Theme: open cloud security

Theme: build a stereo safety lecture 1 download platform

Speakers: tencent institute download center director HuangYan

Lecture 2: small and medium-sized enterprises the safety situation and limitations website

Speakers: ZhangZhiJiang CNZZ executive vice President

Lecture 3: micro bo ecosystems, the software system of antivirus antivirus challenge speech Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!