You can see that the title is

04/01/2011 09:57


You can see that the title is

a little bit high, can say the new generation of virtual machine is an antivirus bounded aircraft carrier, we are among the development process of very advanced technology haven't used in our antivirus software or client, because may more time-consuming, so we have an ascending to speed after this it, can a lot of application, such word for virus killing capacity words are other than. Of Office 2007 makes life great!

course I mean the other is some foreign, now claims the comparative mainstream anti-virus software produces.

So, here we can for a new virus, and rapid quickly get automatic analysis of user's computer processing can play a very good protection function, to the way, users batteredbadthe housetheir house computer may be long, will no longer infection virus, infection virus the matter will become legend. Many people like Microsoft Office.

Just talked about the serious problem, we provide users with the antivirus and protect the safety of time, we now after the application security these work is simplified, users in the use of computers, this is a common user in a computer, of course he and computer has some more personalized program, these programs in operation, former antivirus software is not completely automated, will pop up various tips, and for senior users no problem, for the average user would not know how to Windows 7 make life wonderful!

choose, also don't know pop-up this tip is safe or virus. Such words to users from a panic psychology, the second if the user does not operate to the operation is a more operating an operation. This release of no release, shouldn't agree agreed will be in trouble.

So we in the cloud and safe mode after, when the user of the time this happens again, we analyze and process analysis later we have an automatic solutions back to the user, the user when again Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.  

encounter this kind of problem, or when other users faces this problem is no problem.

Fourth, cloud security on the official website the curb, just also have already said, now most of the virus is spread by hanging horse website, such word through different user monitoring and checking to hang, effective transmission of the horse, such as the website main applications are our intelligence perception technology and monitoring technology, the main includes three aspects, everyone know malicious code attack is a certain common such as operating systems, such as I visit in an official website to my computer when under the virus. For instance in July when the vulnerability of some of the newest attack, etc, so we will make combined the three technology for the influence of the official website for the user has a critical hit. Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

This is our safety center through clouds of monitoring of all information, intercepts the position of the official website here, what is the virus store, virus associated action and will use some technology, such as using holes etc we will generate a complete report. Such a cloud security hang horse website and curb, our users' computers will wander away from the threat of hang horse.

I am very glad we so many customers to our meeting, over the years, the company's achievements and we launch new products, this with our users to communicate between is closely tied to the feedback. Rising each technology and improvement of our product launch has been our users vigorously help, so I am here or thank you