You can imagine before

04/01/2011 09:58


buying back antivirus software outfit users on their own computers for antivirus, and when he met can't kill virus, he contacted actively manufacturers, waiting for him to solve, and manufacturers now this kind of situation is not this phenomenon, a user has used our antivirus software or Microsoft Office is so great!

full-featured anti-virus software, this one is absolutely not equal to 1, a person when using the 150 million users keep you safe, we all have our backstage hundreds of engineers have equipment in provide service for you and, like our outstanding partner, they are in with the most advanced technology for our customers by providing the best service. So all of us cloud security changes Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

brought by the like this map shows, used to be a bird on a snake, now is a bird on a hawk.

Cloud security in the antivirus web users browse, the operation of antivirus software do, and now, facing this Internet crime and so, we successfully using cloud security results. Actually cloud security is our whole information security industry a solid foundation, we have the good foundation, and can only be used after the very cutting-edge technology we, like this can give users into a very good experience, can better protect the safety of user's computer. Office 2007 is so powerful.

Below we look at this picture, the picture is actually a cloud security simple model to introduce the top this one, first of all, this is the user usually the use of computers in some applications, and online threats facing the, this actually contains all Internet users, and in the right words you can see very complex this graphics words is actually our cloud security rising center. In web surfing or do other, such as Trojan or virus website, this words with our software first time these help customers, and we will these threats to rising center. The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

We will this storage automatic analysis, because so many of the virus by artificial analysis is impossible, automatic analysis for users to upgrade back after help customers to solve safety problems. There is a threat of it, because this one server we receive user information is not only help users reported killed virus, like user on an official website later, we will put this on the server. Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!

Through this a website Trojan has not updated updates to users' virus, so we are still on automatic processing server, automatic analysis to the user, so users can most users haven't facing these hackers, haven't update the virus of time already with defense and killing them in advance of ability.

Meanwhile you see below, if these safety problems we help rising users solve these or not enough, we cooperate with partners to Trojan horse solutions, we can be applied in the search engine, when a user searches for a website, if has a potential threat, we can directly in this the threat search engine, so everybody peels away the Internet safer.

The cloud security at this stage we main application of some of the foundation, you can see we have a very good technology, more than a year after the time we had gathered in domestic 150 million of users, and the user's Numbers are constantly