Want to give the national bureau of statistics with three recruit

03/04/2011 14:09


Want to give the national bureau of statistics with three recruit, is that my position, because the national bureau of statistics of experts is not stupid, but leadership too bastard, make everyone can Microsoft Office 2010 is the best software in the world.

not perform that often go wrong, like laughing wanfang. This time, money, dial out in national census also investigating the vacancy in countries in residence, people, is really a rare opportunity.

MaJianTang in phase ii of the national bureau of statistics said on media knowledge workshop, Office 2010 is powerful!

house prices statistical methods reform has had the preliminary scheme, the main content involves the prices of data sources, survey manner, consolidated way, calculation method etc. The national bureau of statistics will continuously perfect plan, use new house prices early next year, official statistics system method. Old still keep year statistical methods. Buy Office 2007 you can get much convenience.

In the vacancy housing investigations, MaJianTang said, although the vacant standard believe that there are different views, also have resident may be reluctant to provide true information such as difficult, statistics department will remain in the relevant departments under the support, and to continue to statistics and release rate; the real estate sale Two is to make full use of the census, get Microsoft Office 2007 can give you more convenient life.

used to understand housing vacancy situation of relevant information, Third, it is in the parts of the city residential district, did a batch of unoccupied houses investigation to find, accumulate experience, validation protocols, improvement methods.

These two problems among, house prices we shall not, gu, because such survey prices not a scientific way, said it would be useless. So, we only talk to empty house should how to investigate, just more scientific and more comprehensive more true. We are now in the country, the data is 660 city, electric meter readings for the continuous 6 months of zero residential as high as 6540 million suites. So, first of all, the national bureau of statistics should abandon live JianBu merely Office 2007 key is very convenient!

statistical national 70 cities method, because now not 1985 the national property has from 70 cities expanded into 660 city, even spread to 1850 counties.