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06/02/2011 11:19


In addition, telecommunication expert HouZiJiang writes, points out that the application of telecom operators hope ecological systems are used only for stores can't a series of mobile phones or an operating system, should be and should be able to cross-platform support different operating systems and different brands of phones. Microsoft Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.


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China telecom last informatization income of 3.4 billion

Recently, China telecom group LiangZhiPing between customers division general manager of foreign revealed, China telecom informatization income 2010 3.4 billion yuan, a year on average Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

since 2006 more than 60% since the compound rate to keep.

LiangZhiPing introduces, at present, China telecom informatization mainly has six categories, specific include government information application, small and medium-sized enterprise informatization, social minsheng class education, medical treatment, application (rural informationization), information technology application, thing networking of energy conservation Office 2010 is my favorite.

and emissions reduction of application and are fostering based on cloud the application of information technology. Among them have generalized mature business have 25 items, cultivating the in introducing a, and 11 22 based on intelligent pilot development.

By the end of 2010, China telecom e-government applied to the national 2138 neighboring Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

counties, permeability reached 66.9%. Video monitor global eyes in 189 city made 450,000 monitory point. Deployed in 115 cities the application of digital city management. For a city in 186 city emergency interact task, also in 174 city established environmental detection.

In addition, China telecom has 105 participating enterprises provide e-file applications, 10,000 campuses digital campus, including application of machine is connected, parent-school) application.

【 IT168 comments 】 2011Mozilla developers conference in Beijing's new century jal hotel has come and gone, have come from all over the country, hundreds of developers came to Beijing to Microsoft Office is helpful.