This year's on September 26

03/04/2011 14:12


This year's on September 26, is shenzhen special zone 30 anniversary, the netizens me again awarded "shenzhen special zone 30 years ten most controversial character", as one of the main Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.  

choices mention that in 2008 is about the prices of betting. Now, as time passes by, I think it is necessary to announce was why I win a few key points, this is two years no matter how many journalists to I cross-examine I didn't answer the question. Office 2007 makes life great!

At the time, no matter how brilliant professor xu, but, he is not familiar with shenzhen. While we were in shenzhen, almost in shenzhen has more or less some love-hate relactionship. As the saying Windows 7 make life wonderful!

goes, love, hate the deeper the cut. So, shenzhen press group colleagues whether character, most valiant how devoted his career. I in such an environment for 5 years, the research of real estate market changes, has become my years of accumulation. I want to buy room person to now also can give some judgment price trend guide.

Early July 2007, professor xu in shenzhen view through the media, in shenzhen caused a lot of echo. At that time, I just stand up to refute his opinion and, refutes reason also very surface, is Office 2007 download is helpful!

mainly refers to deep Hong Kong housing prices do not analogy, per capita GDP and the actual Many people like Microsoft Office.

purchasing power completely different, so the gap, prices are also very normal produced. Curiously, I retort why are let professor xu saw, so he made a response, and puts forward if this time next year high prices than now, that will do?

This is actually ready to challenge me, and see, professor xu very confident. Of course, he was a "father of Chinese folk bank," said the big names, not only head professor of Beijing university, China's top universities, or crown tenured professor at the university of Ontario Canada. I only just learn to use pinyin typing network writers, how can you trueer? Therefore, I was recruited me Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

aides, studied together, see can respond to professor challenge.