The Vietnam "Era"<1>

11/05/2010 15:24


Re: George Neumayr's Richard Blumenthal's Recovered Memory:

Having proudly served in peace and war with the U.S. Marines (as a sailor in the Fleet Marine Force), I can safely say Marines are not prone

to bragging. They let their actions and integrity speak for themselves. So, Mr. Blumenthal, I will say to you, I served with marines, I knew

marines, marines were friends of mine. Dick, you're no Marine.

-- I.M. Kessel

Your article brought to mind Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations during the Clinton Administration. It is widely believed that

he committed suicide because he had been accused of wearing a "V" device (V for Valor in Combat) that he was not entitled to wear on two of

his medals. By all measures it was an honest mistake, but so strong was his sense of honor that he killed himself to atone for his error.

This past Tuesday I had an in-person meeting with the income beneficiary of a trust account that I manage. I noticed that he had difficulty

with his left hand. I asked him why, and he explained that he was in the invasion force on Iwo Jima in 1945. One Japanese bullet grazed his

right arm, another one his legs, but a third one went through the two bones in his left forearm, severing the nerve. During our conversation

he asked about my time in the Air Force, after which he expressed his deep disappointment with one of his sons who is close to my age and had

fled to Canada during the Vietnam war.

Who would have thought 35 years ago that serving in Vietnam would be so deservedly hailed the way it is today?

-- Paul M. DeSisto


Re: Aaron Goldstein's Miss PC-USA:

A more appropriate question for the Muslim girl might have been if she, unlike members of Obama's cabinet, can call those who brought down

the Trade Towers in an ultimate act of hatred "radical muslims"??

-- R. Mandraccia


Re: Peter Ferrara's Liberals Gone Wild: