The New Wilsonians<9>

01/12/2011 11:00


Gonzo neoconservatism. br> -- Martin Kelly br> Glasgow, Scotland /p> p> Jed Babbin left the most important reason President Bush wasted

time in Europe: domestic consumption. The President offers an olive branch and probably more in the future. The branch gets mulched and Many people like Microsoft Office.

President Bush can claim he tried. His overtures might claim some political victories which will add to his efforts to soften the Republican

Party image that took a beating these last couple of years in time for the 2008 feel good elections. Office 2007 makes life great!

The effect is to neuter loser Kerry and

contender Mrs. Clinton because they will be very vocal when they kick off their 2008 presidential runs. The Democrats will whine about how

the President has not done enough and claim it was their idea all along to mend fences, but they will come off as they have been for years: Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

unreasonable and childish. The Dean machine will see to that. br> -- Diamon Sforza br> San Diego, California /p> p> WHO'S NEXT? br> Re: Tina

Norwood's letter (under "Retire That Ad") in Reader Mail's Straight From the Heart : /p> p>Wow Tina! This administration hates the military? Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.

Better check your medication! br> -- Greg Goff br> Casper, Wyoming /p>

Regarding your advertisement, since pulled, for USA Next:

p>"Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?" Joseph Welch to Sen. Joseph McCarthy, June 9, 1954.

br> -- J. N. Webb br> Nashville, Tennessee /p> p> CONCORD GRAPES br> Re: William The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

Tucker's Democratic Moderates in Exile : /p>

William Tucker's article, "Democratic Moderates in Exile," rests on an embarrassingly poor appreciation of the budget deficit. There is no

need to view Bush's deficit crisis as the result of an untenable level of Social Security claims. After all, money is fungible within the Acrobat 9 is good

budget. Why not blame foolish programs and policies like SDI and agricultural subsidies that cost hundreds of billions and make the country

(and the world) worse off. And if you must blame anti-poverty programs, why not finger Medicare (whose extension seems to cost more every

month just from putting new OMB accountants on the case)? Tucker's attempt to blame Democrats for the deficit crisis accordingly rings

hollow. Democrats have opposed such wasteful spending consistently, but have been overridden by the loose-walleted GOP majority. (Does visio 2010

anybody at your outfit remember the Clinton surplus?)

p>Meanwhile, Tucker's cheap-shot at Dean is also misguided. Dean has better Concord Coalition credentials than 90% of the Republicans on the

Hill (probably 98% if you take away the New England, blue state GOP contingent). His accurate criticisms of the costly and unnecessary Iraq project 2010 is amazing

War may have earned him the permanent ire of the Right Wing Press, but he is essentially a New England moderate cut from the Tsongas-Rudman

cloth. Those who adhere to the Concord Coalition's ideals should root (or pray, if that's more one's Windows 7 is convenient!

approach) for Dean's success. br> --

David Simon br> New Haven, Connecticut /p> p> THE NEW BIG SPENDER br> Re: Patrick O'Hannigan's What I'd Say : /p>

A pop singer's portrait on the ten-dollar bill? That's just silly. Ronald Reagan belongs on the face of the tenner, and a nice Western

landscape belongs on the back.

p>Alexander Hamilton, despite his many contributions, nevertheless was a man who died because microsoft visio 2010

he lost a gunfight. Hardly the sort we want

America's youth to emulate. br> -- Doug Welty br> Arlington, Virginia /p>

I'm sure you recall that Woodrow Wilson was, in fact, pictured on a bill: the $100,000 bill, only used between Fed Banks in the early 20th