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01/12/2011 11:04


'Finally, there is the issue of fairness. Many of the people who would be affected by busting the tax cap would get nothing in return. As

free-market economist Peter Ferrara states, "People in their fifties who are earning six-figure salaries won't be eligible for a personal

account, but will have to pay a much higher tax in their peak earning years."Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

Why are you bringing up the issue of fairness? In what way is it fair not to apply the social security tax to income over $90,000? Can't

someone making that much money more easily afford to pay it than someone making $30,000, I love Office 2010 !

who has 100% of their income subject to social

security tax?

p>Why should someone in their 60's, or any age, making a six figure salary get social security benefits? Social security is there for people

who need it, not for rich people to get slightly richer right before they die. br> -- Jesse /p> p> Office 2010 download is available now!

David Hogberg replies: br> I guess I'm a

bit perplexed by this objection since I did take the time to explain why Ms. Ivins was wrong about Office 2010 key is for you now!

saying that busting the tax cap would fix

Social Security. That's why I included the link to the Social Security Actuaries' memo on the subject and explained the memo in the remainder

of the paragraph. I included the larger Ivins quote, including the "there is no crisis" argument, because the later sentence about busting

the tax cap didn't make any sense without the rest of the paragraph. I have, however, dealt with the "there is no crisis" argument here . /p>

It's simple supply-side economics. Higher taxes effect economic growth, including job growth. If Office 2007 is so powerful.

the government taxes away 12.4% of income,

that is money that business do not have to invest, to create new services and technologies, and, ultimately, new jobs. It's especially bad

for economic growth to put a whopping tax increase on higher incomes, as busting the tax cap would do, since it is the top marginal tax rate

on income that would have the biggest effect on economic growth. The reason is that those people with higher incomes are often either the By using Office 2010 Professional, you can save your money and time.

entrepreneurs who create jobs, or they invest a good chunk of their income in capital markets, which also results in the creation of new

jobs. Richard Vedder has done a review of the tax research at this link, if you are interested.outlook 2010 is so great!

First, I don't know where you got the .1% figure for those make over $90,000. A look at the most recent table from the Census Bureau and

doing the math shows that of those of working age (15 and older) 4.3% make over $90,000. If you project 2010

include the entire population, including

children, the number is still about 3.3%. The remainder of that passage assumes that it is okay for Many people use Microsoft Office 2007 to help their work and life.

the rest of America to levy a heavy tax

on a minority. Why does anyone else have a right to live off of the income of anyone else? It's the responsibility of the individual to adobe Acrobat is best for us.

provide for his own retirement, not to expect the "rich" to provide it for him.