Solution: please click on the "tools" menu "options",

03/18/2011 10:57


 click "view" TAB, and then select the "shape" checkbox.

Finally click on the "ok" button. Accomplish these operations and double-click generated self-extracting files ".exe "courseware., run automatically" courseware PPT ". And can normally hear the PPT document by inserting the background sounds. I love Office 2010 !

If to express their English ability, still can use this method to put a few Chinese annotation of the document in English and Chinese mix row Chinese one-time kill, give leadership handed in a piece of pure English documents, make the leadership slowly looks! But in the "search content" box input the content must be changed ^ ^ 1 - [! 127] in front, was also must add a "!" . Office 2010 key is for you now!

Method 2: open the control panel of "display" choose appearance (leg) - high (on), and then in items (take) that column choose window (Windows), and then some color (color) - other ngan (but), and then put the Hue (tonal) set to 85, Sat (saturation) set to 90, Lum (brightness) set to 205. And then click add to a custom color (Addtocustomcolors), click "ok"... Has been determined.

Selective paste. Moving on to the Word document add pictures, use first tool software open picture Office 2010 download is available now!

then copy and paste operation, this operation will result in the increase the size of the document capacity, originally, when USES stickup orders, the document in increased content in addition to that, that we need the picture itself, there are many with pictures and software related information, and Word also automatically in the pictures and the original software creates links. And choose Microsoft Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.

selective paste pictures, has only added to document the picture itself, greatly reduce the file size.

Of course the form is more than 3 columns to revise the column number formula, therefore, to Outlook 2010 is powerful.

make the best start template by most listed in the table Settings, click conceal redundant column will be more convenient. In addition, if paste the form has two row headings, as long as the points column worksheet selected line 1 copy, again "insert copy cell" increase title lines. Then the whole A1: C2 title line press former table after merger, set format chosen A1: D2 copy &paste outfit line can. Tip: improve score input speed skills Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!