software disaster areas Office

04/26/2011 16:31


software disaster areas Office


provide comprehensive technical service first.

Compared to application software, people pay more attention to the operating system transformation. Recently, a media to flag Linux put forward:

Microsoft this screen action, the popularity of Linux for zhongke red flag, was a chance? Zhongke red flag said: red flag has been trying to do their own things, in the product function and use, has Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

been very mature, for users and enterprise, it USES Linux will become very easy. Expect everybody to flag Linux as a options, came to the experience. Red flag from the past 1.0, 2.0... Microsoft Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.

Have been developed to 6.0 version, the product in order to cooperate with everybody's use custom, all adopt is a graphical interface, and I think everybody can feel kind. In function, can fully satisfy the users surfing, office, entertainment to aspects of the requirements.

Zhongguancun online software information on October 27 news, according to internal latest news, tomorrow (on October 28), domestic first based on "cloud security" strategy and development of a Microsoft Office is helpful.

new generation of security software - "rising all-in-one security software 2009" development completed, in order to better improve product's usability and applicability, rising company Office 2010 is my favorite.

according to the usual practice in new product launches, former launched large-scale free experience activities, all customers can be downloaded for free use (https://www.rising.com.cn/2008/ris09b/index.shtml).

Rising the 2009 launch free experience activities "universal mobilization" mopping-up hang horse Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.


Rising the 2009 creatively will traditional antivirus software and a firewall integration as a product, and in the light of "hang horse website" Trojan virus spread was the main way specially designed to provide users with "intercept, defense, killing, protection" set of security service. This product USES modular programming techniques, save many repeated calls system resources, compared with the traditional antivirus software and a firewall individually, in whole product mode on the