Rising the 2009 "Trojan Microsoft Office 2010

04/26/2011 16:32


Rising the 2009 "Trojan Microsoft Office 2010

intrusion intercept - website, through" intercept "functions such as intelligent behavior judgment" defense technology initiative, and discovered that the normal website, hackers and gain Trojan virus server web site, thus "poison nest," s in Trojan virus hadn't started large-scale dissemination, its interception before. Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.


User install the "rising all-in-one security software 2009" later, the Internet process when you go to the web site by hackers, rising 2009 will alert, organization the Trojan horse, and will intercept Office 2007 makes life great!

invasion report rising company information. "National mobilization campaigns poison nest" activities, is to let users in the use of this function in the process, see who reported the number of infected website.

Rising engineer introduction, rising in full the 2009 applied a "cloud security" strategy, both traditional Trojan virus samples, collection and intelligent discriminant function, and a rising Many people like Microsoft Office.

report unique "hang horse website intelligent discriminant, intercept and report" technology, as I love Office 2010 !

long as there is a users find new Trojan virus and new infected website, all rising 2009 user can share his security results.

Tip: rising cloud security 2.0 Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!


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