LuQing lady briefly reviews

04/01/2011 10:00


 the first rising technology conference, and puts forward to the 21st century YunAn plenary session of what the impact of the Internet to bring this thinking.

Ms. LuQing rising vice President Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

Ms LuQing last year, said the same time, the first technology conference held, the meeting is very successful, then come thousands of colleague friend, I still fresh. Everyone together in the challenge, Trojan discussed IT formed industrial chain. In the past year, with numerous Office 2010 is my favorite.

manufacturers are giving way to meet the challenge and rising also rely on cloud security technology greatly improves response capacity.

LuQing says, cloud security and cloud technique has been used by everybody, but computing clouds actually can give the 21st century Internet bring what kind of impact or unclear, probably is revolutionary, can also bring new Internet architecture, probably we now see some product will disappear. But today we still don't know some new products, new services, if someday will eventually came to word we do today? How ready I sincerely hope that through the discussion, everyone today day extension to be able to show.

December 15, rising in the second cloud security technology conference announced that the world's fastest professional antivirus virtual machine has successfully developed, and was applied Microsoft Office is helpful.

YuRuiXing antivirus software, and rising 2010 version of "cloud security" platform virus among an automatic processing system. Laboratory evaluation data show that this paragraph developed by rising virtual machine, professional research than the original traditional virtual machine running high speed 200 times. Experts say, this virtual machine, you can leave the successful development of domestic antivirus industry overall technical level is a big step forward.

According to introducing, virtual machine is the core technology of the antivirus industry in the Outlook 2010 is powerful.

world, one of the mainstream anti-virus software, in order to improve the integrated killing capacity are virtual machine technology. But because the virtual machine efficiency low handicap, appear "integration of virtual machines antivirus software antivirus ability, but install later slow machine; not virtual machine anti-virus software weak ability, but take up anti-virus low" problem. Resources

China developed the world's fastest professional antivirus virtual machine

According to "virtual machine efficiency low" this industry problem, rising has established a Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

special research team, after 5 years of technical research, we have finally achieved the breakthrough witnessed. A new generation of rising virtual machine application timeshare technology and hardware MMU aided local execution unit, in pure virtual execution mode, can be in P43.0 machines, perform more than 2000 million per second, combining virtual instructions, the more can hardware assisted the efficiency improving 200 times. Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!