Host: that this everybody Microsoft Office

04/14/2011 09:18

Host: that this everybody Microsoft Office

sogou input method assured charge. Not I here still netizens put forward problems, input method, which means that we open the input method later, there will be a lenovo, this thing such as how much money after out, I got out of the S later, this kind of circumstance may be larger than sogou Many people like Microsoft Office.

volume, you is how look upon?

WangXiaoChuan: before also someone asked, I think im possible future and business models do a Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.     

good combination, but mode this aspect still have some, after all contribute money spent on advertising. We see in search of user demand, we like will offer more convenient service. Input method itself input words after the opportunity, form search is not directly to link.

Host: this point I think maybe you some questions before today can be solved. Sohu may enter Office 2007 makes life great!

China from the Internet, sohu has now become after China's biggest web portal, this aspect sohu have their own independent r&d search engine, I personally think now input method has combined with search engine sogou will not do so,?

WangXiaoChuan: we will walk this road, but not like other input method is same, we will seek to input method and user needs a better match. Input method in searching the intent is not the same. Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

We have a more complete plan to do this combination of.

Host: here are a problem, the likelihood is a bit with input method itself is not very concern, a netizen want to know, do you do before sogou input method alumni record and have to I love Office 2010 !


WangXiaoChuan: differentiation pretty is much, one is a few years ago to do, one is a few years do, the first is the product shape are not the same, this is the user tools platform, like alumni record Windows 7 make life wonderful!

itself is a community, this is a distinction. Another r&d personnel is different also, more is students were doing before, when are ime experience. The students for years For commercial considerations, commercial support is also different, more is amassing to do all kinds of work.