Here should be used in the find/replace function,

03/18/2011 10:55


 the find/replace search column input "^ ^ 1 - [! 127]", quotes the content of (including brackets) all want to input, replace column empty can, then click the "more" button (note that in 2003 the Word is "advanced" button) and check the "one of the use wildcards options, click again after Microsoft Office 2010 is the best software in the world.

completing all replace, replace will find Chinese all disappear, and the rest is up English only. How, small make up introduced the method it works! Actually, we make good use of the replacement of advanced features, here you will find many practical project.

Third, if you are using Word other versions, just in the selected text later, use the mouse to click Office 2010 is powerful!

the menu "format" of the "Chinese format" options, and then select "pinyin guideline", can see pronunciation.

When fluorescence pen, color, draw shape choice, we can heartily lectures, heartily tagging, important knowledge can use different symbols of different color flagged, lets the student at a glance.

Finally in exit projected mode, if in document broadcast process JuanDian and comments on the WPS performance hint whether save just ink comments, fig.03 shows. Click "reserve" button, the WPS demo will ink saved to the WPS presentations the slide show page; Click "give up" button and the ink will not be preserved in demo document. Buy Office 2007 you can get much convenience.

Six, in order to facilitate the check every chapter corresponding pages, will "pages" column drag-and-drop "name" listed on the right, so that each chapter how many pages will be clear at a glance. Microsoft Office 2007 can give you more convenient life.

Note: on the first step and the second step of operation process should always hold the Shift key not to put, otherwise, operating not succeed.

At the welcome screen click on "next", then select the "from Word document format to other file format", and from the drop-down menu choice should be converted format for "pure Text (sites);" Click "next" and the "source folder" after click browse button will keep Word doc folders A, click on "directory folder" after "browse button choice generated TXT preserve location, namely, in this case the folder B.

Click "next", then we can in the available documents "column that remains to be seen in the conversion of Word doc, click the" QuanXuan "button will all of its selected, click" finish "button, just for a moment we then enter into the folder B check after conversion generated TXT files, enough something simple. Office 2007 key is very convenient!


Step 3: shut VisualBasic editor window, above the module code will automatically save. At this time, continuous press Ctrl + M key establishment and pictures to the baal (e.g. 100) multiple blank slides. Press the Alt key + F8 key open macro dialog box, select the established InsertPic macro, click "run" can, 100 pictures soon automatically insert in the slide

2, the formula method: in the original formula based on add a IF function. Grammatical meaning: = IF (the original formula = 0, "", the original formula) explain: when formula computing value is 0, the display space, not for 0 display calculated value.