Frist's Lousy Week<5>

01/19/2011 10:27


One classic example immediately after the 2004 election elites were practically throwing themselves off the cliffs of Malibu bemoaning the

fact that the voters didn't hear the message and "they" just don't get it. The anointed ones cannot accept the fact that, "We" did get it Many people like Microsoft Office.

and, "We" did understand they're message, made an educated decision with the information at hand and voted for the better of the two

candidates. The elites just cannot fathom or accept the fact that there are Americans that actually can think for themselves, and that is Office 2007 makes life great!

what will always get they're goat time after time.

p>Here is a bit of advice for the anointed ones. "Y'all come down to our end of the pool, ya might learn somethin." br> -- Melvin L. Leppla

br> Jacksonville, North Carolina /p> p> NO TALE br> Re: Ben Berry's letter (under "The Homosexuality Canard") in Reader Mail's Elite of All Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.

Evils : /p>

To clear up a few items in Ben Berry's critique of my letter, I must say that I know the colleges involved, I have known the priest involved

for more than 20 years, I know one person who was directly told by the "student" in question what is related in the "fictional story," I

know, and have read in the Newspapers, that the Priest resigned suddenly for Health Reasons, and that he was re-hired by the President of Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

another prestigious University. My direct knowledge of widespread Homosexuality in the Priesthood (NOT PEDOPHILIA) has led me to write a

fictional version to make a point of the seriousness of the problem.

Pedophilia is in my opinion is not the big problem in the Catholic Church, but where it occurs that priest must be brought to criminal The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

justice. He is not and cannot be a priest.

The Great continuing scandals in the American Church -- settlements amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions -- are not

primarily caused by Pedophiles (both sexes), but by homosexuals (same sex).

Ben Berry is correct that there are many other problems that must be addressed by the Vatican. I Acrobat 9 is good

personally know many priests who left the

priesthood, got married and are raising children. In my opinion, they should still be priests, or at least part-time priests.

It is my understanding that the Catholic Church considers homosexuality a psychological or psychiatric malady. If this is so, what is the

logic of ordaining or keeping priests with such a condition? This condition has lead to a billion (?) visio 2010

dollars in criminal settlements. Don't

get excited: address and permanently fix the problem.

p>My point is that if remedies to the problem of HOMOSEXUAL priests are not soon found, the project 2010 is amazing

American Catholic Church will be soon be

bankrupt. br> -- Pat diFide /p> p> WASHINGTON SUPERVISION br> Re: Jed Babbin's Bedtime for Bashar : /p>

Re: "Bedtime for Bashar" by Jed Babbin, especially the part where he muses, "…the Pentagon should commission a secret study of how we might

intervene to restore order in the former Saudi Arabia after some massive terrorist attack annihilates the Saudi royals, taking some of the Windows 7 is convenient!

oil infrastructure up with them. When that study is leaked (to Bob Novak, of course, not the New York Times) how much more uneasy will rest microsoft visio 2010

the heads on which the Saudi crowns lie?..."