Frist's Lousy Week<2>

01/19/2011 10:22


p>Thank you for hearing my comments. br> -- Bill Reynolds /p> p> Loud commercials force me to change the station or turn the radio off,

especially at the "top of the hour" where too many commercials are sandwiched between bogus Windows 7 is convenient and helpful!

traffic reports and repetitive news reports. The

Fairness Doctrine wouldn't have nearly the effect of silencing talk radio in comparison to loud and overly frequent commercials. By the way,

I don't care for George Zimmer since he never looks at ME when he tells me I'm going to like the way I look. br> -- unsigned /p> Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

I cannot agree more with Lawrence Henry! My husband and I have noticed the slowly increasing volume of the commercials on our television over

the years with rapidly increasing dismay. It is unfortunate, because we actually didn't mind some of those humorous ads that were out there.The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

p>Now our routine is to hit the "mute" button as soon as our show fades into advertising and turn the "mute" back off as soon as the last

commercial is over. The blare of the advertisers, especially the local car dealers and mattress companies is far too exuberant compared to Microsoft Office is my best friend.

the seriousness of our CSI episode. br> -- Traci Lunsford br> Rock Hill, South Carolina /p> p> I always thought the commercials were REALLY

LOUD because they knew all the audience had gone to the kitchen for a snack or to the loo for a -- well, for a break. Fortunately someone has

invented the mute button and now it doesn't matter if they JUDGING AND JUDGES br> Re: Mark Tooley's Judge Not and James G. Poulos's Laying On Microsoft Office 2007 can give you more convenient life.

of Hands : /p> p>It is hard to avoid laughing out loud when I see the "religious left" trying to use faith as another of their coercive ball

bats to bludgeon non-believers into accepting their version of how this country should run. First of all, the term "religious left" is an microsoft project 2010 give us surprise

oxymoron of the first caliber. If I had to summarize the liberal religion, I would do so by saying that it is a combination of self-worship

(their good intentions make them gods) and the good old kumbaya spirit. Leave it to the NCC to Buy Office 2007 you can get much convenience.

condemn people who live their faith every day

and extol those who drag it out at election time and use it as a cudgel to get votes. Second, the NCC might have a nodding acquaintance with

some of the farther out bishops of this country, but as far as a relationship with the faithful, that godless organization isn't even on the

same planet with regular, devout churchgoing folks. And again, some liberals underestimate, as they frequently do, the intelligence and

perceptive power of the average American. br> -- Joseph Baum br> Newton Falls, Ohio /p>

Regarding Mark Tooley's and James G. Poulos's remarks on Jesus' words about judging:

A common interpretation of Jesus' words about not judging is that they mean that a person cannot and thus should not make the final absolute

divine judgment about a moral matter. By definition, only God can make that judgment. Limits to our abilities in that regard in comparison to

God include:

1) The fact that no one, including the putative sinner, can fully know his-her own heart and visio 2010 makes life beautiful.

intentions; and intention is one crucial factor

in constituting the morality of an act. This does not exclude determining the objective fact that the putative sinner has done the particular

deed. Nor does it exclude making fallible judgments about the person's intentions, with appropriate humility. Thus juries justifiably

determine (with limits of fallibility and possible appeal and even executive branch pardon) both that the person did the act and what degree

of intention was involved (e.g., first or second degree murder, manslaughter...). And an employer justifiably decides all the time whom to

hire or not hire. And anyone who did not make a moral judgment about whether a prospective partner is worthy as a marital partner would be Acrobat 9

guilty of moral negligence. St. Paul said both that his conscience was clear (his judgment) and that even he did not know himself well enough

to make the judgment that only God can make (his own judgment was fallible).