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12/28/2010 11:34


Dear Mr. Dier -- Dubya's not a conservative. Anything but! Can't imagine what he's done to give you that idea, despite labeling himself as a

"compassionate conservative." True, he likes Godly things and is anti-choice, but, really, almost everything he's done ('cept for appointing

a few judges and cutting taxes -- which he and his party were unable to make permanent) has been Outlook 2010 is convenient!

from the Big Government/Big Spending

Songbook. He's a bigger spender than LBJ or Bill Clinton, and that doesn't count defense; he caved on everything from education to

prescriptions, didn't push for ANWR or reforming government waste. Conservative? You can't be serious...

GOP Terror Tactics, you say? That's a laugh, and I'm NOT a Republican!

Its "promotion of terror?" Can you say JFK-fuel bombing plot? Or Fort Dix Islamic crazies? And that's just the last week or so.

His Democrat candidates in contrast to Bush? As awful a president as he is, I sure hope none of them win the White House! And, don't you just

love Hillary R. Clinton paraphrasing Karl Marx?

As an independent Independent, I detest the Republican wimpiness nearly as much as the socialists on the other side of the aisle, and view so

much of this crap as the consummate "effort in futility."

p>Yet, like so many others, we persist in seeking something better. As of right now, Rudy Giuliani appears to be the ONLY option -- the only

guy strong enough to straighten up this mess we're in. I hope. And pray. br> -- Geoff Brandt /p> p> JIMMY'S BS DEGREE br> Re: Mark Fallert's

letter to the Editor (under "Can Fred Be The One?") in Reader Mail's Frothy Musical Numbers : /p>

Contrary to popular myth (spread in part by the very subject of the myth), Jimmy Carter was never Windows 7 is inexpensive and helpful.

a "nuclear" scientist, and probably not a

scientist at all. He did graduate from the Naval Academy with an "unspecified" BS degree. Even Carter's own bio web page(s) don't specify

what the degree was. He did serve as a surface warfare officer and volunteered for submarines, but BEFORE there was a nuclear Navy. While he

did interview for and did attend some Nuclear Power school courses, he ended up leaving the Navy prior to commanding a nuclear submarine.

Carter left the Navy circa 1953 and the USS Nautilus wasn't even commissioned until about 1955. For more precise info, do a web search. I

just found this page , which talks to the subject. br> -- Karl F Auerbach br> Eden, Utah br> (MS in Nuclear Engineering, BTW) /p>