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12/28/2010 11:33


Bill Clinton's eight years of willful and cowardly neglect to the threats of radical Islam does not register with Mr. Dier and his ilk, hence

the "Eight Blind Mice" are able to cobble an intellectually bankrupt version of recent historical events, with no fear that the Roger Dier's Office 2007 key is available here.

of the party, or the MSM for that matter, will call them on it.

p>Same with Mr. Dier's cherished notion of "international alliances" as the solution to world events. The eighteen member coalition President

Bush put together on the Iraq War is a fact ignored by Mr. Dier and Democrats, or, demeaned by fools like John Kerry. All the while, Mr. Office 2007 download is on sale now!

Dier's cherished U.N., France, Germany and Russia, were bribed into standing idle by Saddam's petrol-dollars, as Saddam butchered his nation.

The fact that the U.N. stands idly by now, while millions suffer in Darfur, speaks volumes to the empty rhetoric of the Dier's in this world. By using Office 2010 Professional, you can save your money and time.

The "Eight Blind Mice" must have a good belly laugh after each debate knowing that the Roger Dier's are firmly entrenched in the Democrat

Party. br> -- A. DiPentima /p>

As frustrated as I am with "W" and his administration, I am also frustrated with my fellow conservatives and Republicans. Far too many Microsoft outlook is great!

letters and comments are coming from the left that are pure slander and we are letting them go unanswered or countered with tepid replies We

have a prime example in the letter Roger Dier spit out at TAS .

In the space of five short paragraphs, Dier asserts: 1.) 9/11 was completely Bush's fault and not Clinton's, 2.) "terrorism" is just as

phony, made up issue Republicans use as a tool for to scare the electorate and win elections. 3.) I love Office 2010 !

Bush and company would rather fight a war

than improve the quality of life at home 4.) Bush was a "go it alone" cowboy full of belligerence and bravado who did nothing to build strong

international alliances to fight terrorists. And 5.) terrorism has spread because Bush provoked it.

The odd thing about liberals is they think if they say something four or five times then it must be true. They'll rewrite history and teach

it to our children as fact. And what do we do? We think that if we jettison Bush or any other Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

conservative under attack then our problems

goes away. Fat chance. When has that ever worked?

As far as liberals and a good chunk of the public go, Bush is just a piece cut from the same conservative cloth as all of us. The "sins' of

Bush are our "transgressions" -- manifestations of our "black souls." There is foolish talk about campaigning "post Bush." If we let these

toxic lies go we will never hear the end of it. The left forgets and forgives nothing.Acrobat 9

We have to defend our past -- not uncritically -- but stand our ground. We have to continually tell the public who we are and what we

believe. And in the face of potential reprisal, we have to point out our opponents and tell everyone precisely what they are about.

p>In my twenty-seven years of being a conservative, one of the essential things I have learned is that if we don't fight for our vision for adobe Acrobat

America no one else will. If we don't ask, we don't get. No one will admit us to the forum just because we exist. "Diversity" doesn't mean us

until we demand a place at the table. br> -- Michael Wm. Dooley br> Indianapolis, Indiana /p>