First of all, the new virus

04/01/2011 09:57


, a quickly get new threats. The first speech clock manager also tells us, so this new virus in the speed of intercepted is include user computer very crucial place, if the search ability is very low voice, and how to mention for the user to provide security? It is absolutely impossible. In this case, Microsoft Office is so great!

we use is rising, some like our anti-virus software, such as our firewall and Ricky kaka with our assistant, and online many of the cloud security cooperation partner. Look at the picture below, the picture is January to November, we through the cloud security center a virus, the distribution of intercepted as you can see in the sample of operation process, kaka online, as well as the latest 6.1 assistant 6.0 version played an important role The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

In the second place, can automatic document analysis, the virus document we exercise automatic analysis technology, interception to of these samples in the shortest possible time upgrade to all users and our partners, everybody's computers to provide a good protection. And here, you can see if we actually use some technology, such as documents, and the classification of our virtual shells and so on technology, were actually in the automatic analysis used to when.

Talking about automatic processing, I have to say hello to everybody, and this afternoon, we might Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

be in the afternoon technology points BBS launched a new generation of professional rising antivirus virtual machine, this is the latest generation of, this there is an ascension in speed, when we test rapid ascension through a lot of long, more objective digital is ten to twenty times the ascension. He application is virtual execution plus the local unit growth in technology technique, this is virtual execution or some other mainstream virtual technology in the speed we have a qualitative leap.

We have this new generation of anti-virus virtual machine, we look for a new generation of engine is a very nice role played in antivirus and people might when there will be a qualitative ascension Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.  

speed, and we are for the virus killing the accuracy will also have a qualitative ascension.

Automatic analysis I said just now, we see actually deal with what the processing. We first being different samples, through our automatic analysis and generate the virus after the plan to give users, for the large number of samples 1,500 samples, this does it have automatic analysis of Office 2007 makes life great!

success, we will put a little function automatic analysis processing virus, and then brought out alone for his return to our individual treatment engineer for the virus. After individual treatment is not the solution to the user, but directly upgrade to the more complex or comparing special virus judgement rules etc this information back into our database. And this database is a database for their analysis, how to automatic analysis are to rely on this database inside a a add engineers, this is our rules of automatic analysis system.