Billy Mays Here...On Your License Plate<1>

12/03/2010 15:50


Just when you thought it wasn't possible to find another way to try to shove pushy advertising down your throat, the DMV comes up with a new Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!


California may be about to turn your car into a moving billboard via something called Digital Electronic License Plates that display Microsoft outlook is convenient!

revolving "messages" (read: annoying ads) for the edification of the motorists stuck behind you.

Oh, and just so "the children" aren't left out, the e-plates "could be used to broadcast Amber Alerts Outlook 2010 is powerful.

or traffic information" -- when they're

not assaulting you with grating peddlers of the Billy Mays variety, demanding that you BUY! Microsoft Office is so great!


These devices of Satan are the brainchild of Democrat State Senator Curren Price of Los Angeles. "Were just trying to find creative ways of Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

generating additional revenue," he croons. "It's an exciting marriage of technology with need and an opportunity to keep California at the Choose Office 2007 Professional is the most lucky thing in the world.

forefront... "

Yeah. The forefront of state-sponsored exploitation of helpless California motorists.

It's real exciting.

Price has put forward a bill (SB 1453) that would authorize the CA state DMV to "contract directly" with "interested advertisers," whose

dreck would then be routed to your car's license plate, for all the world to see. SB 1453 has already passed the CA State Senate --

unanimously -- and will soon be considered by the Assembly's Transportation Committee. (See here.) Office 2010 is my favorite.

Governor Ahhhhhnoooold has not come out pro or con yet, no doubt waiting to see whether the public will rise up in fury or (as usual)

supinely accept this latest outrage as it has accepted so many others.

The motivation for this, of course, is das geld. Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.

California is staring down a near $20 billion deficit and the usual methods of financing state boondoggles, such as jacking-up business and Microsoft outlook 2010 is the best.

other taxes, have become politically untenable. So apparatchiks like Price are scrambling for ways -- any way -- to gin up new sources of

"revenue." Office 2007 makes life great!

Enter the e-plates, which would open up appx. 40 million new sources of "revenue" (the estimated number of registered motor vehicles in the Windows 7 is convenient and helpful!

state) to the hungry maw of Sacramento.