3. According to zoom: A4 size paper,

03/18/2011 10:53


4. Sure, print after the paper in that order in turn (the first 1 page will be placed at the top, below ordinal put, must pay attention to put on paper direction, otherwise it will play it upside down! To send boxes, Windows 7 make life wonderful!

5. File - print - page range fill: 4,2,8,6,12,10,16,14 (follow);

6. Each page version number: 2 edition,

7. According to zoom: A4 size paper,

8. Sure.

Do this principle is that Word in print resume form page, page range in the box in the first page will fill in first output, so even in print the page, playing on page 4 on page 2 of the front.

Printed result is positive, negative 4,2 1.

The A4 paper can be folded in half and cut open, from among sample like books as the opposite of page 1 for the second page, page 3 is the opposite of the first page. Office 2007 makes life great!

WPS Office 2010 personal edition blended in JinShanXin generation V8 text typesetting engine technology, product performance KuaYueXing ascension, and is compatible with the latest Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.     

Microsoft Office2010 document formats. Meanwhile, WPS Office in 2010 realized the free network storage function, in the Internet cooperative official and a step, realized the multiplayer Many people like Microsoft Office.

collaborative Shared document, edit the document function. In addition, WPS new products in safety, ease-of-use also won the new breakthrough. Below with everyone see table 8 WPS 2010 text of unknown convenient operation.

1, form mobile Office 2007 download is helpful!

Take the mouse pointer to form cell location, hold "ALT" button, when the mouse pointer to become "" form selected state, dragging the mouse directly, can move form.

Advantage: to improve the traditional mobile buttons not easy accurate control of insufficient, improve operation of repairing. Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!


2, QuanXuan form

To move the cursor on form and click "Ctrl + A" key combination QuanXuan form.

Advantage: to improve the traditional QuanXuan form button not easy precisely control insufficiency, more press close to a user's habits.

3, empty box select form Microsoft Office is so great!

Method 1: select the "form and border" "empty box select form" the order, into the empty box, choose form state after drag mouse directly with form intersection, intersecting part highlight form of the selected area.

Method 2: drag the mouse button directly start function.

Advantage: in the past for cell selected, especially those with cell such as irregular form, it is difficult to select need cell, start this command to allow the operating saw income, more user-friendly. Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

4, hand-painted form

Start "the form and border" toolbar "drawing form" function, in document any position directly drag mouse can draw more lines in multicolumn form, and via keyboard control ranks number.

Advantage: intuitive controllable, fast and easy.

5, increase the ranks

In form design control points, click around can increase a line or a column. Drag is can increase more lines or more columns.

Advantage: no need to enter trival menu, the operation is simple, intuitive. The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

6, form fine-tuning adsorption

Aiming at table borders tuning, through adsorption function, when borders moved to near the border, an automatic adsorption recently its alignment, and highlighting, hint already alignment.

Advantage: improving the original fine-tuning not easy alignment is insufficient, improve fine-tune the operation efficiency.

7 and slash headers

Manual drawing headers to slash, and can be adjusted freely cross-court position, or increase delete diagonal lines.

Advantage: provide more custom cross-court header style.

8, form split Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!

Enter the "split form", after function condition in need split table borders place click, can rows can press column split form.

Advantage: through the border a clear distinction rows split and press listed in operation step on split, simplified, realize one pace reachs the designated position. Office 2007 is so powerful.