1. Fibre channel SAN (FC SAN) Microsoft Office

04/14/2011 09:24


1. Fibre channel SAN (FC SAN) Microsoft Office

When the fibre channel gradually become the cornerstone of hongdu storage networks, also inspired storage area network (SAN) concept development. SAN concept from LAN (local area Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

network), it is to point to an Ethernet or token-ring (Token Ring) shape connecting forms can be used to store data from multiple host sharing.

The first fibre channel SAN emerged in 1994, when the ANSI standard organization through the version of the fibre channel, thus raised the storage networks comprehensively. Since 1985 play at the time, fibre channel has been as a technology application. Microsoft Office is helpful.


Although hewlett-packard, IBM and was from developing fibre channel and advocates fibre channel SAN standardized three, but really the earliest manufacturer of products (namely forming Office 2010 is my favorite.

switches) but from the third-party vendors. Including Ancor Communications, early Ancor began in 1988 as their will fibre channel patent product, and it still ultimately production by fibre channel standardization of the founding member of the ANSI committee in 2000, and then it was QLogic takeover.

Other manufacturers also includes Ancor Communications, Vixel and then start-up firms bo Outlook 2010 is powerful.

division (Brocade) company. 2002 Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Ancor application, then sold assets Broadcom (Broadcom). Vixel later sold part of assets Emulex and Fujitsu. And a person in fibre channel switches, strong strength of force other many start-up firms dim launched.

Since always, many industry experts are the future of fibre channel SAN has made the forecast, especially about whether iSCSI will replace fibre channel SAN debate never stop. Analysts now believe that there is no indication fibre channel technology to decline, even if it continues to changing.

Arun Taneja Group consultants Taneja said: "fibre channel will continue to maintain good momentum of development, and at the right time FCoE will enter the field." FCoE technology is Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

some suppliers positive support, they hope that this will keep users in fibre channel equipment investment interests, by adopting FCoE technology to simplify the wiring needed. Although Taneja think Ethernet will become common frame of data centers, but he believe that at least three to five years Ethernet is cannot replace fibre channel SAN.