01/12/2011 11:02

The New Wilsonians<11>

  As much as I have admired your fine magazine over the years, I was immensely disappointed at the dumb article penned by a Ben Stein regarding the late, great Arthur Miller. While neither he (nor I) may have agreed with him on much politically, no honest person could help but admire Microsoft...


01/12/2011 11:01

The New Wilsonians<10>

  Not "pedestrian," perhaps; actually, the ultimate denomination ever printed of "novelty moneybr> -- Mitch Manthey br> Green Bay, WI /p> First of all, I believe Wilson ended up on a $100,000 Treasury note of some kind. (Although it was not a dollar bill, so the point remains.)Office...


01/12/2011 11:00

The New Wilsonians<9>

  Gonzo neoconservatism. br> -- Martin Kelly br> Glasgow, Scotland /p> p> Jed Babbin left the most important reason President Bush wasted time in Europe: domestic consumption. The President offers an olive branch and probably more in the future. The branch gets mulched and Many...


11/22/2010 14:26

Number Nine<1>

  ELIOT WRECKS br> Re: Philip Klein's Eliot Rex , Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder's Some Super Delegate and The Prowler's First Spitzer, Now Stryker : /p> p>How apropos..."number 9, number 9, number 9...Eliot is dead! br> -- Peter Everts Many people like Microsoft...


11/22/2010 14:25

Strobe Lite<2>

  The final section deals with the Bush administration and its apparent failure to live up to Talbott's views of how American foreign policy Microsoft outlook is many people’s favorite. should be conducted. Particular emphasis is placed on the need to pursue U.S. national interests Microsoft...


10/19/2010 16:44

Opera star Dame Joan Sutherland dies aged 83

  The life of celebrated soprano Dame Joan SutherlandDame Joan Sutherland, one of the greatest operatic sopranos of the 20th Century, has died in Switzerland at 83.Continue reading the main story Related storiesObituary: Dame Joan SutherlandAudio slideshow: Her life in musicDame Joan...


10/19/2010 10:43

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